Large Scale Network Savvy Content Providers

Definition: Large Scale Network Savvy Content Providers are companies that do not sell transit but operate a large scale network and engage in peering in support of internal customers.

The model for the Network Savvy Large Scale Content Provider is shown in the figure below.

Large Scale Network Savvy Content Provider enters Ecosystem

The links to the side represent the Internet Peering interconnects while the links to the top represent the upstream Internet Transit links.

A Large ScaleNetwork Savvy Content Provider (LSNSCP) is the same as a Content Provider in that they are primarily engaged in content creation, user base building, etc. and does not dell transit. The difference is that a LSNSCP recognizes a strategic interest in buiding and operating network infrastructure for performance, financial, or marketing reasons.


Companies like Google, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, etc. have a strategic focus on the end-user experience and use Peering as a way to get their content topologically close to the eyeballs that view it.

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