Content Providers (aka Content Publishers)

Definition: Content Providers are all companies that operate an Internet Service but do not sell transit within the Internet Peering Ecosystem. Model of Content Provider in the Internet Peering Ecosystem

The model above shows this player simply purchasing transit from an upstream provider while creating content as their core business.

A Content Provider is primarily engaged in content creation, user base building, etc. and does not dell transit. A Content Provider has to pay transit fees to reach some desitnations within the region, therefore tends to seek peering with others with whom there is a large amount of traffic to exchange. This leads to a generally openpeering inclination as articulated by an open peering policy.

The Content Providers tend to see ISPs as vendors, tend to stick to their core competence rather than building and operating networks. These companies tend to have a "No-Peering" policy - they simply do not peer. As a result, they tend not to participate in Peering Forums.

A variant of the Content Provider is the Large Scale Network Savvy Content Provider, who sees the virtues of Internet Peering as strategic to the distribution of their content.

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