Tier 2 ISP

Definition: A Tier 2 ISP is an Internet Service Provider that purchases (and therefore resells) transit within an Internet Region.Model of Tier 2 ISP

The figure above models a Tier 2 ISP graphically position as purchasing transit from an upstream provider, selling transit to downstream customers, peering traffic away off to the side, and operating (optional) backbone links to offload the traffic elsewhere in their network.

A Tier 2 ISP will often embrace peering to reduce transit costs, improve performance, and potentially even increase revenue. You will find Tier 2 ISPs participating actively in Peering Forums - this is an expected bahavior from a player looking to increase the amount of peering they have. Some of the larger Tier 2 ISPs will be able to peer away towards 70% of their traffic.

A Tier 2 ISP has to pay transit fees to reach some destinations within theInternet Region, therefore tends to seek peering with others with whom there is a large amount of traffic to exchange. This leads to a generally open or perhaps selective peering inclination as articulated by an open or somewhat selective peering policy.

The Tier 2 ISPs tend to participate in Peering Forums, meetings of like minded peering coordinators to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of peering relationships.

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