Peering Coordinator

Definition: A Peering Coordinator is a person responsible for contacting target peers and establishing the Internet Peering relationship.

The Peering Coordinator is an individual that executes the tactics associated with a peering strategy. A Peering Coordinator is the person that travels to peering forums, negotiates peering, shepards peers through the peering process of their company and represts their company interests as they traverse the peer's peering processes. After peering is etsbalished the peering coordinator maintains the relationship with the peers through upgrades, expansions, reconfigurations and terminations.To the peerign community, the Peering Coordinator is the face of the company for matters related to interconnections.

A good peering coordinator attends peering forums, speaks at conferences about interconnection techniques, technologies, operations activities, etc. This multidisciplinary job crosses the boundaries of network architecture, technical (routing), business (making the business case), public speaking and evangelism, and legal (negotiating contracts). This job therefore requires a mix of skill sets to be executed effectively.

Some organizations have a "Peering Steering Committee" often consisting of a multi-disciplinary team that handles peering activities. You would find the peering requests discussed with network planning, network engineering, legal, business development and maybe even sales, all evaluating the implications of accepting or denying peering.

(It is interesting that there is typically no designated title of Peering Coordinator in Asia - this activity is done as a side job for a network engineer. )



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