The 2-Day On-Site Internet Peering Workshop

The Peering Workshop has been effectvie for three distinct audiences. The Peering workshop will:

a) Prepare an ISP or Content Company to connect to the Core of the Internet.

In 2 days your team will understand Internet interconnections and be prepared to draft your peering strategy and peering policy.

b) Train a IXP sales staff to understand Internet interconnectionterminology, the motives of the customer base, their IXP selection criteria - how much is an educated sales team worth?

In 2 days your team will understand Internet interconnections and have been put through sales team role playing to ensure the propert use of the industry lexicon.

c) Bring everyone on the executive/network/bizdev/investment/regulatory team up to speed on peering and Internet interconnection in one sitting.

In 2 days your team will understand Internet interconnections and have am industry veteran to vet and discuss your strategy.


William B. Norton, Executive Director, DrPeering International, will lead this private and confidential on-site two-day Peering Workshop where you will learn what the seasoned professionals know about Internet Peering:

  1. the motivations, terminology and definitions, the processes and strategies, the international and domestic Internet Peering Ecosystem dynamics,
  2. the players and their motivations in the Internet Peering Ecosystems, and
  3. the peering playbooks for ISPs and Internet Exchange Point Operators.

This directed consultation will leave you with a working understanding of Internet Peering as it applies to your company.

These workshops are based on The Internet Peering Playbook, a book based on over fifteen years of peering research, thousands of interviews within the peering community.

Feedback from William B. Norton presentations:

How much does it cost?

Over the years our clients have told us that it is more productive, less expensive, and less disruptive to fly the trainer out instead of flying the entire team to a training facility. As a result, we only do the Peering Workshops on-site and for a flat fee. Click here to see the cost analyses proving it is cost effective to have the Peering Workshop on-site.


Sample Peering Workshop Agenda

Monday, June 10, 2013


Agenda Points

Objective of this session – What you will get out of this session

09;00 to 09:10

Welcome, agenda review, Introductions, Goals of the Peering Workshop

Facilitator meets the executive team

09:10 to 09:40

Connecting to the Edge of the Internet: Internet Transit


Understand how 99% of attachments are made to the Internet, the service model and metering methods.

9:40 to 11:00

The Internet Transit Playbook

Apply the definitions by learning the tricks of the trade that seasoned professionals use to maximize performance and minimize cost.

11:00 to 11:10

Tea Break

11:10 to  11:40

Connecting to the Core of the Internet: Internet Peering

Learn the lexicon, the peering best current practices.

11:40 to 12:45

Clever Negotiating – Peering Simulation Game (game play)


To reinforce the concepts learned so far to ensure that all participants understand and apply the definitions properly.

12:45 to 13:30



13:30 to 14:00

The Business Case for Peering

Participants will learn the mathematical proof for peering viability.

14:00 to 14:30

The Internet Exchange Point Selection Criteria

Participants will learn how peers choose IXPs.

14:30 to 15:00

Public vs Private Peering

Participants will recognize and understand the strong views and rationale surrounding public and private peering.

15:00 to 15:10

Tea Break


15:10 to 16:50

Apply the material to the client Internet Peering Ecosystems of interest.  Targeted consulting led by the client.

Participants will now merge the Peering and transit models with the specific targeted country situation. Participants are invited at this stage to ask questions and have open discussion.

16:50 to 17:00


Consolidation of day’s discussion, and plan agenda adjustments for next day.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

09:00 to 09:10

Welcome, Adjustments to schedule


The Global Internet Peering Ecosystem

Participants will learn about the structure of the core of the Internet, its evolution, how it has morphed into the interconnection system used today.


Tea Break


The ISP Peering Playbook

Participants will learn the Art of Peering from clever peering coordinators. 




The Taxonomy of the Internet Data Center

Participants will understand the competitive market and defining characteristics for each type of data center application as related to peering.


The Internet Exchange Point Playbook

Participants will understand the peering point models and the leadership role for dominant ISPs.




14:40 to 15:10

Peering Ratios as a Peering Policy Discriminator

Participants will hear about one controversial peering prerequisite today: Peering Ratios. The strongest arguments and counter arguments.

15:10 to 14:50

Peering Strategy and Peering Policy creation

Peering Policies

Peering Clauses


This group strategy discussion will apply peering concepts to the targeted Internet Peering Ecosystem landscape.

With the objective of narrowing down the peering strategy for implementation


Close Workshop

New Topics

These topics have recently been added to the agendas of some peering workshops:

International Peering Strategies - A presentation of some of the dynamics surrounding building into other Internet Regions

Remote Peering - The emerging trend enables network operators to peer without investing in additional network infrastructure.


1) The team is collectively brought up to speed on the definitions of peering, transit, the measurement methods, the best current practices along with the tricks-of-the-trade. The mornings of each day are structured as a presentation, with ample opportunities to ask questions. At the end of the two days the team will have a solid working understanding of the nature and strategies of Internet interconnections.

2) In the afternoon of each day, we switch gears to a highly participatory mode. On the first day, we spend the afternoon in a peering strategy discussion. This team building exercise focuses on applying the definitions and lexicon correctly, demonstrating various players' real-world motivations, and results in the team collectively better understanding the current situation.

3) In the afternoon of the second day, we will apply all of this information to formalizing and articulating a peering strategy specific to the needs of your individual company. You will come out of this with a concrete plan and strategy to execute going forward that is tailored to the strengths and challenges unique to your company.

The value to this 2-day workshop approach is that the entire team is brought up to speed at the same time and the strategies are discussed and selected as a team, all without having the team travel expense and inconvenience of being away from home. The cost of the Peering Workshop is a flat all inclusive fee - $30K USD. This covers the instructor flights, cabs, hotels, materials and labor. It works out less expensive to have the instructor travel than to have the team members travel.

At the end of two days your team will be on the same page with respect to peering and interconnection strategies.



Send an e-mail to to schedule your team's Internet Peering workshop.



Contact us by calling +1.650-614-5135 or sending e-mail to info (at)



Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Where and When is the next Peering Workshop?

We hold the Peering Workshops on-site, primarily at the client location. The typical workshop would be for a team of five to ten people building internal expertise. You hire our expertise only for a few days to build or refresh your team peering IQ.

Email to discuss your project and see if a workshop will help.

2) How much do the Peering Workshops cost?

The price varies based on the cost of travel and lodging and how much time the trainer consultant will be dedicated to the engagement.

For budgeting purposes, the peering workshop costs $30,000 inclusive of all costs (business class airfare, hotel, meals, visa fees, etc. for the facilitator).

We generally book two months out now. Please e-mail to check the schedule of available dates.

It may be more cost effective to find a local qualified trainer to deliver the material. It is also far more cost effective to purchase and read the Internet Peering Playbook. Most of the information delivered in the workshop is available in the book and on the web site.

At the same time, it is worth pointing out that the workshop attendees tell us that there is tremendous value in discussing the material with the person who did the research. They said that they could ask their people to read the material in the book, but with everyone's schedule, it is unlikely that they will all do so.

They all said that there was value in having a focused two-day workshop. This way, they all get the material at the same time, and participate in the strategy discussions with the consultant trainer present. The end result is a cohesive team that developed a strategy based on the best information available and based on international peering precedent.

For those that calculate the cost of everyone's time, and the cost of executing an ineffective peering strategy that may play out for years, the two-day peering workshop is a sound investment.

3) Tell me about the trainer, the teaching background and expertise.

Right now, William B. Norton is the primary instructor and an internationally recognized Internet Peering Expert. We also have several very well qualified consultants that can present the material as well.


Email to discuss your project and see if a workshop will help.



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