A Study of 28 Peering Policies

The following are snippets of Peering Policy Clauses found in the Peering Rules of the Road - A Study of 28 Peering Policies study. Clauses were categorized and put into rough categories for comparison.

Financial Viability Clause

Financially Viable – Comcast, in a list of requirements.

Peer must be financially stable. AT&T

About the Author

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Mr Norton is Founder of DrPeering, an Internet Peering portal and consultancy, with over twenty years of Internet experience.

From 1998-2008, Mr. Norton’s title was Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison for Equinix. From the beginning, Mr. Norton focused on building a critical mass of carriers, ISPs and Content Providers. To this end, he created the white paper process, identifying interesting and important Internet peering operations topics, and documenting what he learned from the peering folks. He published and presented his research white papers in a variety of international operations and research forums. These activities helped establish the relationships necessary to atract the set of Tier 1 ISPs, Tier 2 ISPs, Cable Companies, and Content Providers necessary for a healthy Internet Exchange Point ecosystem.



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