How exactly does the DropBox book distribution system work?

Since this has come up a few times now, here is a more specific description of using DropBox for the distribution of The Internet Peering Playbook eBook.

1) send funds to me using PayPal. You will need a freeaccount and I believe that they even accept credit cards. Send funds to

2) I receive the nitification and configure the dropbox account to invite you to join

3) Drop Box will send you the email inviting you to join the folder or directory (Mac or PC terms) and add the dropbox to your computer if you don't already have it installed.

If you don't already have dropbox installed, it will guide you through the 2 minute install process enabling this new folder to appear on your computer (see for details on the network sharing mechanism)

In that folder you will find several forms of the Internet Peering lPlaybook - the PDF, the ePub, the uncompressed PDF (graphics look better), and now the kindle eBook there as well.

Future proof

When I get the 2nd edition out, I will upload it to the shared dropbox, so all of you will instantly have the latest and greatest version of the eBook on your computer.

I think that when you buy a book you shouldn't have to pay for the future editions.



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The 2014 Internet Peering Playbook is now available on the iPad at the Apple Store and for the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle, ePub and PDF form are also perpetually updated on the DrPeering DropBox share.